About Jim Droske

Many experts have a limited perspective of credit reporting and scoring based on their experience working “within” the industry and they lack the experience how credit and credit scores impact consumers from the “real-world” perspective.

Jim Droske is an expert in credit reporting and credit scoring.  He has been in credit related industries since 1990 including credit restoration, mortgage origination, and automotive finance/sales.   This unique blend of real-world experience allows Jim too to analyze and interpret the information on consumer credit reports and properly perform an impact analysis.

His vast experience in mortgage loan origination and auto lending means that he can assess the estimated monetary damages and identify over-inflated damages.


  • ◆ 29+ years total credit related experience
  • ◆ 10 years credit restoration including credit, credit scoring, and reporting
  • ◆ 8 years mortgage loan origination
  • ◆ 12 years automotive management
  • ◆ 10’s of thousands credit reports reviewed


  • ◆ 76 hours – Credit Expert Training (instructor – John Ulzheimer)
  • ◆ 50 hours total – Expert Witness Training
  • ◆ 20 hours – Credit Expert Witness and Mock Deposition Training (instructor – John Ulzheimer)

Expert Witness

◆ FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
◆ FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
◆ CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act)
◆ TILA (Truth in Lending)

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